How NHS privatisation is already happening

31 January 2015

New article by Ian Lander detailing exactly how our NHS is already being privatised, and what this means for us in real terms, both financial and in quality of care.

Analysis of OECD Report

24 January 2015

Cheltenham Green Party member Ross Mundy addresses the findings of the latest OECD report, and questions the focus on economic growth as the answer to national and global poverty crises.

Climate Change and Political Business-as-usual

07 January 2015

Cheltenham Green Party member Ian Lander explains why we can't allow government inaction to continue on this most crucial issue.

Fracking – coming soon to a town near you?

18 December 2014

As the infrastructure bill makes its way through parliament with indecent haste, Adam Van Coevorden discusses just why fracking is a threat that we need to take seriously.

Save Glenfall Way AONB site

18 December 2014

Glenfall Way Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Charlton Kings is once again under threat from developers. Lorraine Du Feu went to meet other protesters and find out what action we can take.

The NHS – worth fighting for

16 December 2014

Recovering from a recent knee operation, Adam shares his thoughts and experiences on the NHS.

Firefighters’ strike

03 November 2014

Firefighters are being asked to increase their pension contributions for the third year running, in order to receive the pension they had already been promised. Adam joined firefighters on the picket line in Cheltenham.

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