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Four MPs in 2024: Green Party makes history 

The Green Party made history in the 2024 General Election by winning four seats, with almost 2 million people like you voting Green nationally. We also received the second highest vote share in 40 further constituencies! The party took Bristol Central off of Labour, plus two seats in the former Conservative leaning Waveney Valley and North Herefordshire, and retained Brighton Pavilion. That means Four Green MPs in Parliament, speaking up for all and holding the new government to account.

Here in Cheltenham Green Parliamentary Candidate Daniel Wilson secured a record number of Green votes in the General Election, finishing 3rd and pushing Labour into 4th place! Thank you to everyone who trusted us with their vote and sent a clear message that they want to see a different type of politics in our town.

This is just the beginning, real hope and real change is coming and you can be part of it. Join us now to help make it happen.

Tactical voting is over – vote for what you believe in

If there was one thing that we heard over and over again in this campaign and in recent elections, it was that so many voters felt forced to vote Liberal Democrat, despite having no love for their policies or their candidates. Cheltenham Lib Dems have been sustained in this town by forcing all political debate into an “us vs them” zero sum game.

We are so grateful to the more than 3000 voters who placed their trust in us in the face of a targeted, relentless and well-funded Lib Dem messaging campaign that tried to convince people that there was no point voting for what you believe in. Politics is about ideas, not the dry “electoral management consultancy” style that has left us all feeling uninspired with turnout at record lows.

To those who felt they had no choice, who backed the Lib Dems despite being fed up of their now 16 years uninspiring rule over Cheltenham, we say this. The days of tactical voting are over – vote for what you believe in.

  • The Conservatives have been wiped out here – there are now zero Conservatives on the council, and we no longer have a Conservative MP.
  • The national government is now Labour – we need new ideas and to push them to be bolder on the reform we all know this country needs.
  • Greens are now the opposition on Cheltenham Borough Council – our 3 Green councillors are the only voice holding the Lib Dems to account. We need more Greens on the council to help this vital work and represent you.
  • Greens came 2nd in 40 constituencies – we are on the verge of a massive breakthrough in UK politics.

So if you voted tactically against your values and beliefs, make it the last time you do. Four constituencies across the UK woke up on Friday excited about their new Green MP’s. If you want to join them, sign up and get involved in our plan to turn Cheltenham Green!

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