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Cheltenham Green Party

Follow Cheltenham Green Party and our general election candidate Adam Van Coevorden on Twitter! You can also join in the discussion with other members and supporters on our Facebook page.

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The Green Party Responds to London Terror Attack

The Green Party’s thoughts are with the families and friends of the victims of last night’s terror attack in central London, as well as with others affected. Our thanks go to the emergency services who responded with professionalism and enormous bravery.

Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas said:

“My heart goes out to all those affected and caught up in these horrific and despicable attacks, and my thoughts are with the victims and their families. Deep thanks to our emergency services who have responded again with enormous bravery, and to the many members of the public displaying courage and compassion in the midst of terrible scenes.”

Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley said:

"I am sickened that terrorists have again attempted to divide us in such a cruel and crude fashion. They will not succeed. As in Manchester, and in the aftermath of the Westminster attacks, people will come together in the coming days and demonstrate that our way of life is precious and will not be surrendered to those determined to spread fear.”

The Green Party will shortly be suspending national campaigning until this evening. Local campaigning will continue.

Welcome to Cheltenham Green Party

We’re a growing group of people who believe in justice for the environment and a fairer society. Our numbers have increased rapidly over the last couple of years, but we are always looking for new faces. Click on ‘Join the Green Party’ button above for easy access to the membership site. If you’d like a chat about what being a member involves - or about the Green Party generally - contact Lorraine, our coordinator. For contact details, and to see the rest of our officers, click on ‘People’ in the grey bar at the top.

Cheltenham Green Party draws its members from the 20 wards in Cheltenham Borough. In the 2015 General Election our candidate, Adam, saved his deposit and won 5% of the vote. The 2016 borough elections saw us stand candidates in all 20 Cheltenham wards for the first time. We are working hard to increase our share of the vote in every election and hope before long to get a borough councillor elected. We hold regular events and in the last year have welcomed Natalie Bennett, Molly Scott-Cato and Jonathan Porritt among other speakers. We also value our relationship with other progressive groups in Cheltenham and enjoy working with them towards a better future.

Come and meet us at our regular Green Drinks - 4th Wednesday of every month at The Railway Inn from 7.30pm.


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