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First ever Greens elected in Cheltenham!

We are delighted to announce that Tabi Joy has been elected as the first ever Green Party Councillor in the heart of Cheltenham in St Paul's ward. Tabi secured a massive swing to the Greens, with over 50% of local people going Green - many for the first time - and is now co-leader of the Greens Group on Cheltenham Borough Council.

In further exciting news, Hesters Way Councillor Wendy Flynn has left the Liberal Democrats and joined the Green Party! We are absolutely delighted to have Wendy on board, and her 20 years service for the people of Hesters Way brings a wealth of experience and passion to the Green Party here in Cheltenham. Wendy has joined Tabi as co-leader of the Greens Group on Cheltenham Borough Council.

These elections saw us confirmed as the third largest and fastest growing party in Cheltenham. We have ambitious plans for growth here, why not volunteer for us and help make change happen?

At every election, we have the opportunity to send a clear message that people want change. Cheltenham has been taken for granted by the both the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives for far too long now, and people are demanding better.

Success for the Green Party sends a clear message that we want to shift our political priorities to tackle widening social inequality, build back better from Covid, bring in new thinking, and take urgent and vital action on climate change.

You can help change the course of local and British politics - join the Green Party today!