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Climate Change Summers

2020 was absolute chaos, and 2021 has been just as stress-inducing. We are seeing the old ways of the world disintegrating. And today the IPCC report for 2021 has been released - hugely anxiety-inducing for people already well-informed on climate issues, but raising vital awareness among people who have the influence to make key changes, yet have so far done nothing.

What can we all of us do to stay calm and to take action to protect our planet?

The good news is that since the last IPCC report was released in 2018, we've seen climate strikes, Fridays for Future, the meteoric rise of the Green New Deal movement. People are calling for action and a new agenda is being set.

It is time to move on from individualistic changes, and it's time to collectivise! To mire yourself in panic and depression is not going to change anything - but to join a group, like Cheltenham Green Party, you can be on the same level as people who know the stakes, and are taking action for a better world.

This year, Cheltenham Green Party came third place in local elections across Cheltenham, and second place out of six candidates in St Paul's ward, our target ward. We are at the forefront of the change that people want to see. And we want to be there with you.

Please, if you're having a hard time today, don't suffer alone. Don't let yourself become overwhelmed. Work with us and believe in a better future.