Cheltenham Green Party A417 Missing Link Consultation Response

17 March 2018

Consultation is here, open until 28th March.

Adrian Becker:

"I live locally and will experience the knock on congestion and pollution caused by more road building.

More road building will lead to more congestion this has been shown in numerous studies over several decades.

The cost of option 30 is obviously being manipulated by including only one junction with the existing road network.

I would prefer no option but the slightly less damaging option more closely following the existing road alignment could work equally well with only one junction but it shown with three junctions I assume to show that it is less cost effective than option 30 which will be much more damaging to the landscape of the Cotswolds.

I would prefer no option as this will in the long term be the best way to mange traffic congestion on the whole highway network. Option 12 is preferable to option 30 as it has far less impact on the landscape and could work equally well as option 30 with one junction if the stopped up sections of road between Birdlip Village and Nettleton Bottom were reopened.

Any option is a waste of tax payer’s money as it will lead to more traffic congestion. Highways England staff at the recent exhibition could not or would not answer questions about the knock on congestion that will be caused by speeding up the flow of traffic on the A417. Traffic that passes Birdlip more quickly will arrive on the Shurdington Road more quickly and add to the existing queue. This is just one example of many of existing congestion that will be increased if the A417 is improved. Highways England's model seems to assume that once traffic has passed Birdlip it just disappears before reaching its final destination.

Instead of wasting £500 million on improving a road to cause more congestion please spend my taxes on schemes that might actually help to solve our problems, both environmental and travel related. Unlimited personal travel is not sustainable and we should have policies and actions designed to manage travel choices within environmental limits. Specifically on the A417/A419 remove the surplus lanes on the rest of the road or reserve them for public service vehicles only and there wont be any congestion at Birdlip. Initially this might cause congestion else where but this probably wouldn't be as bad as any modelling might suggest as people would change their travel choices in response to the availability of road space and the utility of specific journeys to them with the reduce road capacity. There was no congestion at Birdlip before the rest of the A417/A419 was improved. A very clear case of more road building generating more congestion."