Adam speaks out against privatisation of the NHS

9 May 2017

10 May 2017

nhs marchAdam has spoken out in support of a key manifesto pledge on the NHS announced today by Green Party Co-Leader Caroline Lucas MP. Caroline spelled out the Green Party’s plans for ending marketisation in the NHS to ensure that the health service is 'fit for the challenges of the twenty-first century'. She attacked both Labour and the Liberal Democrats for using their time in Government to inflict what she calls the 'pain of privatisation' onto the NHS. But she will focused her fire on the Conservatives who she says are putting the NHS through a 'cruel form of shock therapy; leaving the patient weaker and on the verge of collapse.'

The Green Party's NHS spending plans will be paid for through progressive taxation outlined in their manifesto. The funding gap is estimated to be around £30bn. Adam says: ‘For too long, the mainstream parties have seen creeping privatization as the only way forward for the NHS. Only the Green Party will halt and reverse privatization. Healthcare is not about lining the pockets of shareholders, but about providing the services we and our families all rely on.’